About Sabrina M


Sabrina is a conceptual fine art and street photographer living in Antwerp, Belgium and popping over to France at every opportunity.

Sabrina was born in October 1964 in Antwerp. She grew up in the city where she studied as an assistant cook.

After years being plagued by severe depression and bore-out she was advised to seek new challenges. She picked up her old love for shooting and combined it with an other passion, Adobe Photoshop.

The processing of depression and Asperger syndrome give her a different perspective on the world.

IN 2015 she started creating her timeless, surreal, minimalist photo collages. Expressing certain emotions, dreams and thoughts were the basis of the work.

The time consuming manner of creating images layer by layer, making sure details are as they should be have given her a satisfaction and relief of depression.

After being a stay at home mom for twenty years she rediscovered her old passion for photography.

At the age of 45 she went back to school to learn the very basics once again and she developed her own style in two major elements of photography.

On the one side Sabrina loves to frame the real life on the streets of Europe. Showing us the true life on the streets of Europe, she often focuses on the surreal side of things without being off things to the people in the picture.

On the other hand Sabrina loves to take you on a journey to surreal places. The traditional photographic properties are replaced by otherworldly elements . Her work is often described as dark and surreal. Breaking free from the gloomy world is a topic that often reappears , as well as dreaming of a nonexistent world.



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