Review 2015

Vivid dreams and fragile emotions serie


You have a pretty spectacular imagination and you're not afraid to explore it which is tremendous. For my money I like the more simple works - I've never been a fan of too much special effects so my more preferred images in this series are the ones that feel 'believable'.

Keep going - you certainly have your own style.

Review 2015



You have created an imaginative and interesting series. You have capturing some very interesting moments in these images and have displayed a lot of creativity in your content. You have a very quirky way of looking at the world that is full of humour in the everyday mundane moments in life. The photographer here take a special look at moments that others might pass by without a second thought. I really love that you have decided to emphasize the quirky or bizarre. One great thing about photography is that you can capture a moment and present it as reality when it may just be a momentary trick of the eye.

I think that you have an engaging series with a lot of potential and I really hope that you continue to develop it further.


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